Let's make your own torque screwdriver of fastening

This customer found us by internet and advised that they need to fasten for CUP heat sink; however, they can’t find tools. After knowing the spec on the sticker of heat sink provided by this customer, we simply just provided them sample free of charge. In return, we just asked for application picture because we want to know all possible kinds of application we can do. Even this set never get mass production and we didn’t get paid at all, we are still happy to help and know this new possible application.


  • Customized torque from 0.1~18Nm
  • Low MOQ from 300~1000 sets by projects
  • Sample available if torque and spec informed


  • Patent no. US 8549963/DE 10212005885.3/JP 3174153/TW M439546/CN ZL201220320077.3


SLOKY for heatsink server platform assembling
SLOKY for heatsink server platform assembling
SLOKY mini torque for precison assembly and micro assembly
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