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Frequent Questions and Answers

No. SLOKY torque adapters are preset and non-adjustable. Each torque adapter is set to the industrial standard used by all the carbide manufacturers worldwide. 

There is no need to calibrate the torque adapter. There is a life cycle of 5,000 times (90 degree rotation as 1 time) of operations. We recommend replacing the adapter once per year if it was extensively used. 

For quality assurance, we recommend customers not to use our torque adapter to loosen screws for the first time that hasn’t been tightened with SLOKY adapter. We do not know how much torques the screws was last tightened, using our adapters to unscrew them will damage the internal structures and result in a broken adapter. If the screws were previously tightened with SLOKY adapters with the correct torques, there won’t be a problem.  

Due to the unique patented design, we may customize for a small QTY. If the customer advise the torques needed, we will be able to customize easily and provide samples.

Adapters may be customize from 0.1~18Nm.

We also have already customized torque screwdrivers and torque wrenches for applications such as Cutting Tools, Shooting/Hunting, Circuit board, Tire pressure detector, DIY market, Drums, Lens, 3C devices, and Golf Club.

Most torque screwdrivers and torque wrenches are controlled by rachets and springs. SLOKY’s uniquely patented torque adapters, which play the most important part in our torque screwdrivers system, provides torque control by frictions inside the internal structures. This is why SLOKY’s torque adapters are able to be compact-sized. They are patented in Taiwan, Germany, USA, Japan, and China. 

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