We may customize Sloky torque devices for your turntable application

SLOKY Torque Screwdriver is proud to be used by individual customer to fasten a high-end vinyl record player worth $ 4,000 Technics SL-1200G

In order to achieve the best sound, each screw must be fastened with the same torque, so that the “stress” is evenly distributed; the stress is defined as the acting force per unit area.
Individual customers originally wanted to find Japanese precision torque screwdrivers Kanon or Tohnichi, but after searching the Internet, they saw SLOKY torque screwdrivers and contacted us. After a brief communication, we recommended the 0.9, 1.2Nm and slim fit handle of SLOKY. After the customer used it that night, they informed that it was quite suitable, and provided some application photos for SLOKY to share with everyone. We are also honored to receive these precious application photos.

SLOKY also welcomes all friends who need a torque screwdriver to contact us, and provides application photos so that SLOKY can share with others.


  • Customized torque from 0.1~18Nm
  • Low MOQ from 300~1000 sets by projects
  • Sample available if torque and spec informed


  • Patent no. US 8549963/DE 10212005885.3/JP 3174153/TW M439546/CN ZL201220320077.3


SLOKY Torque Screwdriver for Turntable
SLOKY Torque Screwdriver for Turntable
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