Introducing The New Applications of SLOKY – Using Torque for Cables to Make Your Work More Efficient!

Increasingly, manufacturers of RPDs and rSwitches are specifying standards for the proper torque values that ensure successful installation.
SLOKY matches those standards precisely, thereby preventing unnecessary operational failures, and improving customer experience.

Improper torque when installing RPDs and rSwitches can cause RF leaks, water leaks, and damage to modules from over-heating.
All this is avoidable with SLOKY Torque Screwdriver.
Unlike other drivers that attempt to address this application, this tool will never exceed the specified torque, even if a technician disregards or cannot hear the audible click emitted when the tool achieves the specified torque value. After the proper threshold is reached, the tool begins to spin freely, exerting zero force.


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