SLOKY Application: Torque Screwdriver for Heat Sink

Let's make your own torque screwdriver of fastening

Through an internet search, SLOKY was contacted by a customer who needed to fasten CPU heat sink; however they couldn’t find any tools fit for their operation. After understanding the specs required based on the sticker on the heat sink through pictures provided by the customer, we had provided a sample free of charge in exchange for an application picture. Despite never mass producing this set, we are glad to be of help to any customer and explore a new application,


  • Customized torque from 0.1~18Nm
  • Low MOQ from 300~1000 sets by projects
  • Sample available if torque and spec informed


  • Patent no. US 8549963/DE 10212005885.3/JP 3174153/TW M439546/CN ZL201220320077.3


SLOKY for Heat Sink Server Platform Assembling
SLOKY for Heat Sink Server Platform Assembling
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