SLOKY Color Coded System: Each Colored Bits Corresponds with Their Respective Torque!

We are constantly promoting the importance of torque control, especially the use of the correct torque. Oftentimes, using the wrong torque is worse than not using any torque at all. For example, mistakenly choosing a 10Nm torque screwdrivers to tighten a 6Nm torque will damage and strip the screws. To eliminate such mistakes, SLOKY had built in a color-coded system into all of the torque screwdrivers and parts.

SLOKY’s color-coded markings allow for fast and visual selections for the correct torque and bit. For example; the color “Red” corresponds with Torx 6/Torx Plus 6/Hex 1.5 torque adapters, as well as on Torx 6/Torx Plus 6/Hex 1.5 bits. The color-coded markings combined with magnetized connection allowed for seamless and simple operations.

Using SLOKY’s torque screwdrivers takes as little as 3 steps:

  1. Identify the torque range to apply, taking note of the color.
  2. Choose the most suitable handle.
  3. Select the bit by the color markings.

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