3″ (75mm) BITS for TORX PLUS® SCREWS

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Description: Six (6) pieces in a pack. Color coded and magnetized connections allow fast and visualized selection and delivery of the factory-defined torque values.

Length available: 1″ (25mm), 2″ (50mm), 3″ (75mm)

3″ (75mm) Bits for TORX PLUS® screws
  • Six (6) pieces in a pack.
  • Color-coded and magnetized connection for quick, visual selection.
  • Hardness : HRC 58° ~60°
  • Material : High alloy steel
  • Standard : DIN3126 – C6.3 (1/4”)

Parts No.Driver SizeL (mm)PcsN.W.
STS-IP-B3-08IP8756 pcs58 g
STS-IP-B3-09IP9756 pcs62 g
STS-IP-B3-10IP10756 pcs68 g
STS-IP-B3-15IP15756 pcs70 g
STS-IP-B3-20IP20756 pcs76 g
STS-IP-B3-25IP25756 pcs86 g

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